The Party

I am throwing Daniel a SURPRISE birthday party on September 1st!
I’m going to tell him I booked us a night and private dinner @ 7:30PM at Aloe Villas. Please arrive by between 6:30PM and NO LATER than 7PM to be a part of the surprise. Daniel likes to show up places early.

If you cannot make it for the surprise, please come AFTER 8PM just in case we’re running late. I’ll update on this page once we’ve shown up and you’re good to swing by.

We will have food, enough sparkling wine for toasts and maybe a bottle or two of gin, but please bring whatever you’d like to drink!

P.S: We are trying to find childcare for all of the kiddos! So if you need childcare and don’t mind splitting to cost with other parents, let me know!

P.P.S: There are still many details being figured out, such as where there party will be hosted. It will be here in Ao Nang, I just don’t know where yet. I will update here and the website once I have more info!

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