Make a Toast

Calling all friends and loved ones! Raise your glass and join me in making a toast to our amazing birthday boy!

🎙 Speak in Person: Want to make a toast, or have a memorable story with Daniel that you want to share at the party? Check it off on your RSVP, or send a message to You can also decide on the spot, but if you can just let me (Annette) know beforehand so I can plan out the schedule of events!

📝 Submit a Memorable Story: Have you shared a funny, sweet, or memorable moment with Daniel that you’ll never forget? I want to hear all about it! Pen down your cherished memories and send them here to be read aloud during the celebration. Your story will bring joy to Daniel’s heart!

📹 Submit a Video: Feeling creative, or you’re an overseas friend that can’t make it to the party? Grab your phone or camera and record a video message for Daniel. Share your favorite memories, funny anecdotes, or simply tell him why you think he’s great. Your video will be played during the celebration, allowing Daniel to feel your presence, even if you can’t be there in person. Upload Your Videos in this Google Drive Folder.

Let’s come together, raise our glasses, and make a toast that Daniel will cherish for years to come. Your words and presence will make this birthday truly exceptional.

RSVP to Daniel's Party Now so I can order enough food!