Daniel is honestly the best person I know. He always goes above and beyond to make sure his family and friends feel loved, wanted, appreciated, and cared for. For his 30th birthday, I want him to feel the same! Here's a little info about the birthday boy that you may not have known, as well as some fun pictures of him over the years! Have funny pictures to share? Put them in the comments below!

He Loves Motorbikes

Daniel has been obsessed with motorcycles for years. Did you know he did all of Sri Lanka for two weeks on a motorcycle? He's also done the Ha Giang Loop in Vietnam, and the Mae Hong Son Loop in Northern Thailand. 

He Loves Cuban Coffee

Though he's technically not hispanic, Daniel can brew a cup of Cuban coffee better than my Cuban mother can. He's an expert at making expresso's and cafe con leche.

He's Training to be a Muay Thai Fighter

In the long repetoire of dangerous things Daniel likes to do, Muay Thai is at the top of his list! Daniel has been training since 2020, and finally has his first fight July 29th!

He is a Dedicated Father and Husband

At the Fortner Household, we are beyond lucky to have Daniel as our man. He loves us so so well! He makes us food, gets on the floor to play with the kids, and even gives me massages. #DREAMMAN

His Mom is Brazilian

Wondering why Daniel is so beautiful and brown? Though he is American through and through, his mom was born in Brazil. Hence why our kids are rocking that beautiful tan, too!

He Speaks Spanish

Daniel did not understand any Spanish when we first started dating. But to speak with my Cuban parents, Daniel committed to learning not just Spanish, but Cuban slang!

He Can Sing Frank Sinatra

Daniel used to sing in a church band in high school, but I never heard him sing until we had been together for two years! He has the voice of an angel. For real.

Daniel and I got Married on a Farm

It's true! We used to live in a country town in Florida where we would listen to Country Music, line dance, and wear cowboy boots 24/7. So naturally, our we had a farm wedding. Haha!

Daniel in the 1990's

Daniel in the 2000's

Daniel in the 2010's

Daniel in the 2020's